This project began as an idea in February 2000.  Letters were sent to high schools and libraries across Canada, through the mail and through e-mail.  I would like to invite schools and libraries to participate, as this is an ongoing and changing web site.  The following is part of the original call for participants:

I am a photographic artist, actively participating in this art form since 1969. This is a project that I am embarking on at the moment.  If you receive this notice it is because I believe it would be of interest to you, and that you would participate in it as it takes form.  In January (2000) I had a photographic exhibit at The Jane Corkin Gallery in Toronto: ‘ View from A Train’.  Images I had photographed while travelling on VIA Rail from Nova Scotia to Prince Rupert (over several years).  This inspired the ‘STUDENT CROSS CANADA PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT’ on the Web.

I am inviting High School Students from communities along the railway lines and distant communities all across Canada to contribute photographic images and words of what they perceive as beautiful in their community.  (This is through their eyes, not a judgement of what is normally considered beautiful).

Kodak Canada has generously supplied one-time use cameras for all participants who would then return the cameras (exposed film enclosed) to me.  A selection of images from each community will be added to the WEB site, by me, with full credit given to each contributor, the photographs and negatives will then be returned  to you.

Each community is accessible from an image of mine working as a point of entry to each Province, community, school or Library in that order.

My hope is to allow access to each community enabling young people to communicate with each other through their vision of the beauty of their communities all across Canada.  Be in touch with me to receive the cameras and become a part of this exciting project.

You can reach me through e-mail on the contact page.

Thank you,

Martha Henrickson